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Month: May 2017

How much difference does it make not to have to arrange your own Uber or Cab to the airport?

Part of the joy of first class travel – is that people do stuff for you. Except, sometimes they don’t. You see, to get the outsourced chauffeur service that is promised by Qantas for its first class passengers – you have to do a bit yourself. First, you need to know that this service exists. Second, you have to contact them – which thanks to the digital age, you can do via the Qantas website. When you go into ‘Manage Bookings’, it signals the possibility of the option – and if you click, it will either show or not show...

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I am a Qantas First Class Virgin

Well, about 24 hours ago, that would have been true. In fact up until then, I was almost a First Class virgin. That is if you don’t count an upgrade certificate from business to first on the return leg Bangkok-Sydney on Thai nearly a decade ago. Through the diligent saving of Qantas points with a supplement from Amex, nearly 365 days ago, I booked two first class seats on QF1 to London. You see, 2017 happens to be a significant anniversary of my birth. You know one of those which ends with a zero. With the added contribution of...

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