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Month: April 2016

Is Alaska Airlines paying too much for Virgin America?

I hope this little view from downunder provides an interesting perspective on the announced purchase of Virgin America by Alaskan Airlines. On the same day that Moody’s announces a potential downgrading of  Virgin Australia credit rating, we presume because of its recent capital raising, and the announced potential sale of up to 26% of its stock by Air New Zealand – this interesting factoid appeared in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald: Virgin Australia has a market value of $1.3 billion, less than half the Virgin America sales price, despite being a much larger airline than the US...

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Fly me to the moon, or Flybe to Newquay, but not many stars to play with.

I have the very good fortune to have a partner who has relatives that reside in Newquay in Cornwall. That means, that each time we go to the UK, we invariably spend a few days down west (its kind of down a bit and a long way to the left of London. We have transported ourselves there in many different ways (bus, car and plane), and flying there on Flybe is the shortest and sharpest way to get there. However, the experience is not always elegant. For a start Flybe flies out of Gatwick, which I possibly like less...

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