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Month: January 2016

Fun, but not comic Safety Video – Qantas gets it right for A380 international flights

This safety video gets it absolutely right. Its charming, amusing, fun, but not comic, which has always seemed wrong to me (Air New Zealand – I’m talking about you). The video manages to represent the diversity of Australia in terms of people, place, landscape and terrain. its relaxed, not too serious, not too laid back, but very Australian. Its full of light, and lightness.  Well don Qantas and your communications agency. This hits it on the nail for both your fellow Australians, and for the way we are, and would like to be perceived around the world. It a great thing for travellers to see when the get on an A380 to come down and see us. I’m not always a fan of Qantas, but this time they have it dead...

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