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Month: October 2015

Wanna go to Rio, De Janiero?

Qantas is offering a range of earlybird specials for 2016. They are particularly championing those to Japan, but this business class one to South America took my eye. Depending on when you travel, its nearly half price compared to the fare at peak times – $4,500 rather than closer to $9,000 if you travel March to July 2016. I think there might be something happening in August though. What could that...

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The right Luggage and a good Layover can make your trip more comfortable whatever your class of travel.

When I first started travelling in Business Class, I thought Woohoo! no need to worry about packing anymore. I can take two giant suitcases, and just chuck stuff in, and never go over the weight limit. No more packing angst over clothing and shoe choices. Its not about size It didn’t take long to realise that it wasn’t about weight or size or number of bags, but about what you can wrangle through an airport and into a hotel – comfortably. International travellers who just take carry-on are liars It’s slightly different if I’m travelling with my partner or...

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