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Month: March 2014

Qantas is now firing its Frequent Flyers

In one of the biggest overhauls of its frequent flyer scheme in years, Qantas punishes people who try and find the cheapest fare booking with either Qantas itself, but especially with its One World parners. Here’s the Qantas ‘simpler and fairer‘ sales pitch. Earning MilesRemember that 1,000 point guarantee – gone! Now your earn is more related to your spend.  So if you buy discount economy – your going down. In most other categories – you stay the same, or improve. Status CreditsNot much of an apparent change here – except if you travel with partner airlines where your earings will be roughly halved. For instance if you travel World Traveller Plus (business class) on British Airways – Sydney to London via Bangkok (as I did last year) your status point earn is halved from 240 to 120 points Status BonusYou used to get a percentage increase in the points you earned according to your FF status – now, not so much – unless you are high status, travelling at the pointy end – the rest will loose.FF Tricks to cheaply increase or retain your high statusThere used to be a trick where you would get an any seat reward – for nearly the same number of points as a classic award, but still earn status credits and FF points. Obsessed frequent flyers used to use such tricks to...

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Malaysian Airlines Plane missing between KL and Beijing

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is currently missing somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The Boeing 777 was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew. It was traveling at 35,000 feet when it disappeared from radar screens. Although nothing is confirmed, it appears the flight is lost. Rumours that it made an emergency landing elsewhere in China have now been denied. Majority of passengers were from mainland China. Malaysian Airlines Statement Live Coverage at The Guardian Australian...

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Qantas to dump CEO Joyce ?

According to the Australian Financial Review, the Chairman of Qantas, Leigh Clifford – formally one of the CEO’s greatest supporters prevaricated when asked about Alan Joyce’s future. In the midst of awful news for the company including record losses, and intentions to slash more than 10% of staff, Clifford apparently failed to support Joyce’s future saying ‘I’m not willing to engage in that debate at the moment. At some later date, I may be willing to talk on those matters’. If you can’t get your chairman to make an unqualified statement of support for you as CEO in the...

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